...Gardening is an art and a window
                     into the spirit of the gardener...

The Eccentric Artists consist of 43 Boulder County painters, photographers, sculptors and gardeners who produce an art exhibit and garden tour every few years. The artists in our group create new work for the Exhibit, inspired by the 15 artists’ gardens which the public can visit during the Tour. Please join us on:

May 31 to July 11, 2011
for the 2011 Eccentric Artists' Garden Exhibit
at the Boulder Public Library
Opening reception Friday, June 3rd, 5 – 7pm

Sunday, June 12th, 2011
for the 2011 Eccentric Artists' Garden Tour
of 15 Boulder artists’ gardens.

We have also adopted the two flower beds in front of the Canyon Gallery of the Boulder Public Library, and have created an Eccentric Library Garden there.

Gardening is an art and a window into the spirit of the gardener. When you enter someone else’s cherished garden space, you visit a new, joyful, and constantly evolving world. We hope that you will find yourself reflected in an artist/gardener’s vision, and be inspired to find, in your own garden, ways to be an artist too.

Please join us. You may find that your own garden and life will change!

ChaChaElizabeth Black
Cha Cha                                               Elizabeth Black
303.938.1515                                      303.449.7532
chachamakesart@yahoo.com         4340 N. 13th St, Boulder CO 80304


Thank you to our Sponsors,
who make this project possible!

Funded in part with grants from:

Boulder County Arts Alliance

Boulder Arts Commission

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Other sponsors:
Nyla Witmore www.nylawitmore.com
Pinque Clark www.photosbypinque.com
Western Disposal http://www.westerndisposal.com/environmental-focus/
McGuckins http://www.mcguckin.com/