Susan Albers

I wasn’t planning on an eccentric looking backyard. The project, Dances with Branches, started when our neighbors built a big fence. I didn’t enjoy looking at it. I decided I would collect branches and lean them against the fence. The branches would block our view of the fence.

I found branches roadside and dragged them home—sometimes on my shoulder, occasionally on my bike and at times in my car. I sorted the branches; some I trimmed, some I oiled or painted and some I stuck in umbrella stands. The branches project grew. I began to call it Dances with Branches because I would twirl the branches to see their best side. Their silhouettes and groupings had to work with each other—according to me. When I was twirling the branches around, I felt like I was dancing with them. I enjoy looking at the hundreds of branches leaning and dancing in our backyard.

The project has been all recycled, all free and all fun.