Mark Castator

When I learned to draw I was taught to stop thinking; to turn my brain off and go from the eye to the hand directly. Drawing taught me to engage my eye and quiet my mind. Only then can I open my heart and truly see. This is my great influence; my work is based on the contemplative.

I am not looking to change the world. I am interested in changing myself. My goal is to create, through sculpture, an exercise in engaging the eye. If you busy the eye, instead of the mind, you quiet the mind and open the heart. And hopefully, in this fast-paced world, find a moment of peace and tranquility.

In my work I like to use repetition and quickness of gesture to create an overall movement. This draws the eye in, keeping it busy. I also like to use light, shadow and negative space to create balance and tension and draw the viewer into the work.

Engage the eye. Quiet the mind. Open the heart. This is how I make my art and how I am changing myself. I will allow the world to determine its own direction.