Susie Chandler

I've been living in the same rental property for 16 years and I really don't plan on moving any time soon. I care for this property like it was my very own, which is a concept the owners have gotten quite comfortable with. I started nurturing the ground and molding my immediate surroundings 12 years ago.

In the beginning, the task of transforming the sea of dirt and dandelions into some sort of organized chaos was overwhelming and back breaking. Eventually it all came together to something that I truly love. Billowing beds of herbs, playful areas of perennials all surrounded by brightly painted exterior walls.... paradise hidden in downtown Boulder.

Growing different varieties of sunflowers inspired me to utilize my photographic skills, which led to an eclectic collection of intimate sunflower portraits which have been displayed around town throughout the last 9 years. The birth of Susie Sunflower changed my outlook on life.

Being a part of the Eccentric Garden Tour has been one of the best experiences I've had while living in Boulder for the last 17 years. I truly love arranging beautiful living things so that they are a treat for anyone to visually absorb. Creating my garden has been a fulfilling and joyous experience that I love to share with everyone.

1828 Pine Street
Boulder CO 80302