Pinque Clark

As an Eccentric Garden photographer, I am not only conveying the likeness of a garden but also the temperature of emotion within it. In traveling around taking these garden photos, I attempt to relay the feel of the day, the hue of the garden, the warmth of the vegetation and the aroma of the blossoms all within one. I want my photos to exhibit a feeling, not just an image.

I focus on the pulse of the subject, not just the appearance. I also like to add a bit of “magic” to my photos to transport the evocative perception of the possibilities of life.

I enjoy going to the heart of a piece and working my way outward, therefore capturing the essence of passion both in me and in my focal point. My goal is to reach deep into the recesses of the observer to provoke a hidden thought, a buried sensuality or a mystical excitement and bring it to the surface.