Rebecca DiDomenico

My work is a way of re-shaping the everyday objects in the world into another perhaps unexpected experience. I am basically a collector and translator of symbols. In the transformative process of making objects, I am constantly opening myself to deeper learning, striving to lift the veils of the physical world and enter the realm of the spirit. I think about the fleeting, ephemeral nature of a butterfly and the seeming solidity of a chunk of mica as if it is an equation. What can you add or subtract to come up with a new possibility?

In the making of art we are fine-tuning the sensual media we are all born with. All searching for illumination, for the irresistible entanglement of every creative endeavor seems to me to be a longing for a deeper, mystical union.

A garden is made up of small rooms, chambers into the imagination. In ours, there are many parts that are always changing, filled with visual surprises and collaborations with nature. All these chambers join together to form a map, a landscape into the soul, a map that charts the journey of our lives and the lives of the creatures and plants who have intersected with our life at one time or another.