The Eccentric Sculpture Pedestal

The Eccentric Sculpture Pedestal is located in the south flower bed, just outside and to the east of the main doors to the Canyon Gallery of the Boulder Public Library. The south flowerbed is approximately 21 feet square. The sculpture pedestal is
located in the south east quadrant of the flowerbed, with no protection from the elements.

Accessible by truck. It is possible to drive up to the edge of the flower bed within 4 feet of the pedestal.

Made of concrete reinforced with half inch rebar.

4 feet wide by 4 feet long by 9 inches thick.

At grade and level. It is slightly above grade on its Southeast side.

Supported by caissons on each corner that go an additional 6+ inches into the soil.

Dyed on the surface with powdered pigment in an orangish hue. This will fade over time.

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...we thought this was a wonderful opportunity to create something beautiful...




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Suitable for drilling new anchor expansion bolts into, to secure sculpture to new anchor points if necessary.

Provided with a U-bolt cast into the south west corner of the slab, slightly below grade, suitable for chaining sculpture to if needed.

Sculptors interested in showing their work here should keep the following points in mind:

ALL work must meet with approval from the City of Boulder Facilities Asset Management folks. These guys are paid to worry about all the ways the City can be sued. Your sculpture must not be able to injure any foolish person or child who chooses to do something stupid
with it.

There is no security in this area and some things (though NOT art) in
this area have been vandalized in the past.

This area is in the high hazard flood zone. Your sculpture must have a smallish footprint and not be an impediment to floodwaters in the case of a major flood.

We do not have any insurance or money to pay for installation of your piece. You are encouraged to apply for a Boulder Arts Commission Grant or an Addison Mini-Grant to help you cover these costs.

You may install a small plaque with your name and contact information on it along with the sculpture.

Sculpture will be installed in
September and will be up for one
year. No sculpture may be removed

We have not done this before, and
have no idea how many people
might be interested in showing here.

If you think your work might be
suitable and are interested, please
send us an email

Thanks very much for your interest in showing here.

The links for the Boulder Arts Commission and Addison mini grants are as follows:

Boulder Arts Commission
Addison mini grants