George Emmons

Wedged between Farmer’s Ditch and Pearl Street, my house is built into a hillside, with a two-story drop from the back to the front. When I built the place, I landscaped with native plants and highway reclamation grass. The only things that didn’t wash away were the grass and the shrubbery.

Marco Viera took my eroding, hard to landscape yard and turned it into a gardener’s dream. Inspired by the mountainside farms in his native Ecuador, he terraced the steep slopes into planters. These beds have a wide range of microclimates, allowing me to grow an amazing variety of plants.

The bed by the sidewalk is filled with native plants enjoying the Colorado sun. Behind the house, hepatica, cyclamen and primroses like their Colorado sun in light doses along with extra humidity from the ditch. The area by the front porch is a penstemon festival in May, which makes it a nice place to harden annuals and serve as our base for spring planting. We mix annuals with perennials so there’s a lot that’s new every year – and plenty of it towards the end of summer when most perennials are finished blooming.

203 Pearl Street
Boulder CO 80302