Bonney Forbes

I have lived in the quiet and the solitude of the mountains for 30 years, and I use walking in Nature as my form of quieting the mind and inspiring new art work. I like to collect rocks, nests, bones and all sorts of natural objects that speak to my attention. I love walking and photographing my environment and I use my photographs in collages. The wonder and beauty of our Colorado skies and the vast mountain landscapes always renew and fill
my spirit.

Now I am working on a series I call "The Divine Matrix." It is about the interconnectedness of all things. I have become very interested in different contemplative practices as a way of opening the "Heart Space" and quieting the mind. I use Nature as a vehicle for centering. The Labyrinth experience symbolizes the creative power of the "Divine Mystery" working in and through us as consciousness and integrating the whole self. The origins of the Labyrinth are ancient. People have been walking the labyrinth for thousands of years. It speaks to the universal nature of our human condition.

We are all One.