Sherry Hart

My residence, known as the ART FARM is a place where children and adults come to explore their creativity in this magical rural setting. The mini-farm started when I moved here 15 years ago and the land was barren save a few mature trees. Inexperienced but inspired, I started this patchwork tapestry of perennials, bulbs, shrubs, trees, sculptures, statues, shrines, fountains, and lots of rocks.

I spend countless blissful hours interacting with this ever-changing, multi-dimensional art project; I am fed by its beauty and in awe of its aliveness. My oasis continues into the backyard with more gardens, a fire circle, two miniature horses, two mini goats, a little sheep, and assorted art chickens! Of course, the manure becomes magnificent compost that is appreciated throughout the lawn and gardens.

This eccentric garden is, for me, a place where heaven and earth meet; where I have come to know, appreciate and co-create with the nature spirits that dwell here.

6723 Jay Road
Boulder, CO 80301