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Library Garden

                   Help Plant Seeds of Inspiration!

               Buy a sandstone brick for the Eccentric Library Garden

We will sandblast your name or your business name / website onto your brick and permanently install it in the path through the Eccentric Library Garden. All proceeds will be used for the Eccentric Library Garden. Small bricks are $150 and large bricks are $500. All donations are fully tax-deductible.
Email: ChaCha or call 303.938.1515.

Library garden stones

In the summer of 2005, Cha Cha and Elizabeth Black noticed that two flower beds in front of the Canyon Gallery of the Boulder Public Library were desolate and empty, covered with bark-mulch. Due to the 2002 drought and a City budget crisis, there was no money to plant or care for these beds.

We approached the Parks Department, and offered to adopt the beds, and create an Eccentric Garden here. With donated plants, materials, and labor from the Eccentric Artists’ group, area businesses, and the City, we raised $10,483 of in-kind and cash contributions, and created the Eccentric Library Garden. Our group has cared for the gardens for the last five years.

We installed a permanent sculpture base in the Eccentric Library Garden. Sculpture here changes annually, giving area sculptors a new opportunity to show their outdoor work. Would you like to show your sculpture here?

Click here to learn more about the Sculpture Pad and Exhibit Opportunities.

Click here for Daily Camera article about the Eccentric Library Garden.

Krasnoff rocks

Kevan Krasnoff (above) at work on his rock sculpture in the
Eccentric Library Garden.
Click here for more pictures of this sculpture installation.

This project would not be possible without the generous
support of our donors. Many thanks to all of them!

Donated Services and materials

Stone placement by Kevan Krasnoff
Organization and labor by Cha Cha and Elizabeth Black
Garden design and labor by Rebecca DiDomenico
Floodplain variance by Boulder City Manager
Sprinkler design and installation by Boulder Parks Department
Stone by Tribble Stone
Topiary tree by Steven Perry
Sprinkler components by Boulder Water Conservation Office
Sand-blasted rocks by Cashman Signs
Xeric groundcovers by Harlequin’s Gardens
Iris by Long’s Gardens
Xeric perennials by Paul’s Secret Gardens
Succulent propagation by Windsong Farms
Butterfly-attracting plants by George Peters and Melanie Walker
Compost by Western Disposal
Concrete by FLXX Watertight Concrete Tanks
Bark-chips by Kevin Brown
Red Breeze finings by Pioneer Sand and Gravel
Plants from the gardens of Jennifer Heath, Sherry Hart, Rebecca DiDomenico, Elizabeth Black, Kristine Smock, Barbara Griek, Walker and Peters, Priscilla Cohan, and Mary Hey.
Donated Cash from Lisa Prassack, Lynne McDougal, Marsha Walker, One Boulder Fitness, Gail Skinner, and Maggie Wilde.