George Peters / Melanie Walker

The garden is the place where we live. It is where the magic of nature happens at our own doorstep every spring. It is a place of color, of retreat and solace. We’re probably happiest when we are both working in the garden outside our studio. The studio work is our interior work so we look for every opportunity to go outside to transform our garden into an evolving work itself constructed of fantasy and nature play.

Our studio works are wide and varied. The mediums of both our works have led us on long and complex artistic journeys. Our works include photography, sculpture, installation, public art, kites, wind sculpture, painting, theater design, puppetry and costumes. Much of the inspiration for both of our artistic adventuring is deeply based in the natural world, in its conservation and celebration. We both welcome you to our garden of wonders.

George Peters and Melanie Walker, Airworks Studio Inc.
815 Spruce Street
Boulder, CO 80302