Reuse and recycle

Gardens are a great place to reuse materials

Let your whimsy loose and re-vision your junk.

  • The Boulder Resource Yard at 6300 Arapahoe is a thrifty place to shop for recycled building materials for your garden.
  • Local thrift stores are a good source for garden decorations.
  • If you aren’t handy yourself, Resource Woodworks builds sturdy custom garden furniture to order, from reclaimed lumber.

Snow FlowersGeorge Peters adjusts the snow flowers made from painted wood scraps in his and Melanie Walker's garden.










Painted branchesSusan Albers painted found branches to screen a neighboring fence.











Virgin ShrineSherry Hart created a lovely shrine using the classic upturned bathtub.















bikewheel rims

Elizabeth Black, using old bicycle wheel-rims sunk in concrete, made a charming edging for a flower bed.











Vinyl Mountains
Cyd West recycled old LP's and CDs into an Art Fence.