Sue Rigdon

My garden is a very private affair that began with specimen plants (a snobbish legacy of 4 academic years studying plant taxonomy) and has morphed over time into a broader landscape of 4-season color, form and accessible plantings. Initially, I resisted Rocky Mountain natives aiming to create my own painterly and impressionistic canvas a la Gertrude Jekyll but today my Wisteria and Rhododendrons give way to more ecologically wise and hardy plants commonly found at your local nursery.

I created a series of terraces from a problematic sloping lot, anchoring the floating levels visually with a gazebo, fish pond and edge plantings. Each level or "room" is a small piece of a larger mosaic and when viewed from the upper deck with Flatirons backdrop, it is breathtaking. Like me, it is a maturing garden, the boisterous razzle-dazzle and heady concepts fading, beginning to spill over its edges from time to time. More reflective and ecologically simpatico these days – it is a work in progress as always.

My garden is a very private affair – place of refuge and restoration, compelling me to create beauty as a tonic to the world's chaos. It has been like a willful lover, revealing itself slowly over time – struggle and commitment, offering up its ephemeral gifts sparingly, but when it does there is no greater love affair.

Sue Rigdon, Double Vision Photography
PO Box 4176
Boulder, CO 80306