Arabella Tattershall

As my passion for metal has brewed, so has my respect for it, a respect that has become mutual and benevolent, so that I can ask more of metal and it is willing to give. I ask for movement, conveyance, fluidity and reaction. The metal gives.

I am enamored with leaves. They keep falling into my pieces, as they would from a tree, and I accept their gifts of seasonal engagement in the guises of frailty, tenacity, color and shape.

My work is capricious and finds itself everywhere. My pieces adorn walls, gardens, fences and entries. It joins hands with clay, wood and wire. It becomes an archway to a beloved garden space, decorates a lavish banquet table, or embellishes the side of a house. It’s a bird with a witty posture, sometimes positioned in the outdoors meant to harbor the nearest raindrop or the farthest desire.

My work continues to define itself, reaching farther, asking more, extending beyond accepted, I keep on rattling the cage.

3932 Stoney Drive
Lafayette, Co 80026