Bill Vielehr

Form, color, line, composition, and texture. Tactile and visual. Balance and formal visual art concepts. These are the basis of my three-dimensional drawings that act as the vehicle for me to physically express my interests. The process is the real message. Free-standing COLUMNS, WALLS, or wall RELIEFS have all the classic art elements and an environmental key: reflection.

My sculptures are drawings in wax cast into aluminum or bronze. The negative line is created by pressing the sharp end of a steel tool into the wax. The resultant graphic quality is inherent to the process. Textured areas are built up with slowly hardening wax using a palette knife on a wax sheet, similar to texturing an oil painting. Each section of the sculptures is cast, fabricated, and welded. This process produces irregular surfaces which reflect the color and light from their surroundings, creating a continuously changing visual pattern which is attractive and exciting. This positive enhancement of the sculptures by the environment includes passersby and the different moods of the four seasons.

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Kitty Nicholason
Marketing Director
Vielehr Sculpture