John Waugh

My photography leans towards abstract interpretations of the real world. Line, shape, color and pattern form the compositions while some digital manipulation is applied to enhance the visual impact that the scene evoked initially.

Practicing and teaching digital photography from its early beginnings, I have come to appreciate the creative tools offered in the digital palette. The ability to work with small details and broad areas in a photograph at the same time surpass the capabilities of film processing.

The Eccentric Gardens provide a wealth of subject material to work with. The variation in texture, materials, hardscape and plantscape combined in these gardens present a diverse collection of compositions to choose from. I chose to explore these gardens in the winter for the stark direct light and linear nature of the plant stalks, support structures and sculptural elements that make up these landscapes. The snow and sun of the winter and the bare nature of the plants increases the shadow impact in the compositions with repetition of form and contrast.

2950 18th Street
Boulder, CO 80304