Merry Witty

I have a lovely labyrinth Chartres-style surrounded by a beautiful xeriscape garden. One day I was standing on my deck that over looks my backyard and had a vision of a labyrinth in the yard, the image would not let go, so I built it. It took almost 5 years. We dug out the circle and then it was a perfect place to build a wall and plant the garden.

Ed Shure designed a way to cut the stones and have them laid in place. Cepriano and friends spent Sundays laying the stones in place and playing Mexican music.

Heidi Feigal designed the back xeriscape garden and I learned so much from her that I created the front garden. I had never been much of a gardener and now I am. The Labyrinth is very healing, and children love to see how fast they can run it. I love looking at it from my office while I work and walking it as much as I can.


1237 Meadowlark Drive
Boulder, CO 80303